суббота, 7 июля 2012 г.

The trouble

I deleted the sims 3 on my computer, because the game keep crashing every time.
But I can't play sims without downloads and addons :c

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Kilhian комментирует...

Have you checked your game without any CC before deleting it? You probably had a bad one that made your game crash. Are you going to try to fix your game?

Modern_Lover комментирует...

I did one's possible(
I'm trying to reinstall the game without any CC now.

kepazza комментирует...

its for the hacks... to many sliders and hacks..
i fix the game.. when i deleted some sliders..

sorry for my english...

Modern_Lover комментирует...

No, this is typical stereotype
It's game's cash, I should clean one over time