вторник, 28 августа 2012 г.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard sim from my DA gallery by some request.

Must read:
- I use sliders. For the correct display you must download the sliders. Also you should download that hack for your game version.
Not include:
Skintone - M Calero's (#3 reply, "Apple+Mandarin+Strawberry-A set of 3 realistic full skins")
Eyebrows - ???
Clothes - Rusty
Hair - ???
and ect.
Download (.sims3pack)

5 комментариев:

aslı onal комментирует...

Aww,she looks like her so much. Thank you :3

Mi-Shil комментирует...

Good job,thank you ^^

Valeriya V. комментирует...

Шикарно! Лицо очень живое и интересное :)

Nicole комментирует...

Hey do you mind telling me where you got the pose for the second picture? Thanks in advance!

Lanor Bowser комментирует...

hey what are the sliders used for this? the link says its invalid. thank you xxxxxx