среда, 13 марта 2013 г.

With a book. Poses

Hello there! Sorry for the rare updates.

- Pose list compatible
- All books are objects from buy mode. You need OMSP and Tipsy OMSP!
- I recommend you to use 'disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on' cheat code
(Objects will not snap to slots while holding "Alt" + can rotate objects to many degrees while holding "Alt")

 *Tipsy OMSP 45 degree* 
sorry for the buggy foot >0<
  *Simple OMSPs*
 *Simple OMSP*
  *Tipsy OMSP 15 degree*

Credits: [Books] [Ladder]
Please, do not give the link from mediafire and do not re-upload the file.
Не давайте ссылки на файлообменник и не перезаливайте.

6 комментариев:

Daijahv комментирует...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing :)

Mura комментирует...

Really love your poses. You get creative with props and for the most part, your poses are very "lively" in themselves, as in they rarely look stiff and such.

Thank you!

Ya-prava Sims комментирует...

Маш,позы великолепные.Очень радует тема,ничего похожего я пока не встречала,ты умница.Спасибо за разнообразие и сюрпризы,обожаю всё,что ты делаешь!

Dana комментирует...

Hello! These are great poses! Thank you! But what section can I find the ladder in when I downloaded in game? Is it in the Misc Decor?

Modern_Lover комментирует...

Dana, check out tables section

igory комментирует...

New part of the super game of the year. THE SIMS 4.
Woohoo and so on.

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