среда, 19 июня 2013 г.

Rose crown conversion

Download (.package and .sims3pack)
or here
All credit goes to BeOSBoxBoy and LuLuPink
Hairstyles by NewSea (left) and PeggyZone (right)

4 комментария:

Yarno комментирует...

Its So Heavenly and really Lana Del rey' Bleu Angel, Thank you.

Forest Fae комментирует...

The rose is so beautiful. Thank you very much for uploading this.
Can you make a version with more roses in front?

Modern_Lover комментирует...

Forest Fae, I'll try :D

Sim Republic комментирует...

I love it. Would be wonderful to put on my fairy. 2 more roses on the front would be great. Thank you.