воскресенье, 30 сентября 2012 г.

William (Adult)

- Update sliders here. (Credits)
- Required EP and SP:   Late Night Supernatural
- My default content's list here

СС list (not include):
Skintone - Navetsea
Hair - R2M
Eyebags - Tifa
Nose mask - here
Nose contour - Arisuka
Lipstick - IN3S
Top - Store
Mark - Gosik
Download (only .sim)

7 комментариев:

Unknown комментирует...

This makes me think of Bill Compton from True Blood... Idk why, but it's pretty majestic!!

FrigidChick комментирует...

He's so strange-looking-- I LOVE him to death. I got to add him to one of my towns. Thank you for making him. Kudos!!!

Modern_Lover комментирует...

Thanks! I hear from someone he looks like Bill) Maybe because of the presence of wrinkles

Modern_Lover комментирует...

Thank you! Enjoy the game!

Black Pearl (Vera) комментирует...

he looks such lively, a real man! Excellent!

Jaedub комментирует...

Wow!! This sim is absolutely amazing! I love him! thank you :D

Blonde Chaos комментирует...

WOW! He is fantastic! Very realistic!