суббота, 29 декабря 2012 г.

Gifts: Part 4. My sims of 2012

The sims that I used in presentations of my works.

Costume content not included! Sorry I can't give particular links

Credits to Tifa, Gosik, Neasea, Cazy, IN35.
- Sliders here. (Credits)
- Required EP and SP: Diesel, Master Suite
- Defaults: eyes - Tifa N52; Skintone - ephemera69

Download (only .sim)

2 комментария:

xtrosy комментирует...

impressive! thanks for posting those beauties, really liked Shauna.

igory комментирует...

New part of the super game of the year. THE SIMS 4.
Woohoo and so on.

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