понедельник, 31 декабря 2012 г.

Gifts: Part 5. Modeling poses

This is my last gift for you. Enjoy!
Happy Holidays!

List in the game:
Also archive includes poses wihout list.

5 комментариев:

Daijahv комментирует...

Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing :)

JS Sims 3 комментирует...

These poses are great, thank you!
Happy new year :)

Alexandra Stan комментирует...

Amazing, can't wait to start using this poses. :) Thank you for sharing. ^-^

Black Pearl (Vera) комментирует...

обалденные позы!!! спасибо! :)

igory комментирует...

New part of the super game of the year. THE SIMS 4.
Woohoo and so on.

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