четверг, 31 января 2013 г.

11 Pose Pack

- Pose list compatible

- All beverages are objects from buy mode. You need OMSP and Tipsy OMSP!
How to use:
Enter cheat code disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on (Objects will not snap to slots while holding "Alt" + can rotate objects to many degrees while holding "Alt")
For example:
The omsp's position of the 1st pose analogous to the position of the 4nd pose.
For the 3rd pose you should to use only the code before. Anyway it is just one example. You can use
other objects instead of these.
Beverages - .indiemilk

Grey sweater - Sentate
Scarf - Newsea
Sim (brunette) - Kitana Foxxis

That's all I can find, sorry

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Daijahv комментирует...

Nice! I love these M! Thanks for sharing :)

JS Sims 3 комментирует...

This is what I want! Thank you :)

Daisies Day комментирует...

These are so good! Thanks! I know they were hard work!

Jasumi комментирует...

These are really nice, love poses with props, thanks ^^

igory комментирует...

New part of the super game of the year. THE SIMS 4.
Woohoo and so on.

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