вторник, 15 января 2013 г.

Elliot (adult sim)

- Sliders here. (Credits)
- Defaults: eyes, bread and brows, skin's texture
Skintone - Navetsea (Sweet edition)
Glasses - Esmeralda
Lipstick - IN35
Eyebags - Tifa
Blouse's pattern- ?
Shoes - Store (?)
Eyelashes - S-club
Download (.sims3pack and .sim)
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4 комментария:

Yarno комментирует...

He's Look Amazing.. I mean Old man' But He's Cool Thank you !!

Joy комментирует...

Hi! Could you please fix your DSL 555 Shirts? They're really lovely but for some reason, when I put them on my Sims, their breasts become really, really big. I love your creations, by the way. Thanks for everything. :)

Black Pearl (Vera) комментирует...

he's looks very realistic! a real man! great!

igory комментирует...

New part of the super game of the year. THE SIMS 4.
Woohoo and so on.

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